Repainted Chevy Nova Blue

 All cover plates, pickguard and Ibanez logo were laser cut from 3/16" titanium sheet stock. The tremelo bar, locking nut, strap knobs and   volume and tone knobs were machined on a manual lathe and mill from titanium stock. Polishing was performed on buffing wheels, sanders,   and parts shakers with polishing media. The body and head stock were painted " '71 Chevy Nova Blue" by a race car painting company. It is my   hope to eventually machine my Pro Edge tremelo from titanium in the next few years.

Original JEM factory

The laser cutting machine was programmed by tracing parts that came from the JEM. The engineer created a CAD drawing from  the tracings that gave the laser a tool path

to cut the titanium.

How It's Made

This was the master pattern.  It was made by laying the JEM on a high density urethane foam and tracing line on the foam. Sanding and shaving until it was the same dimensions  (roughly). It was finish shaped by a tool maker at the composite company. It was painted "Chevy Nova Blue". I then mounted it to a wood frame.  A fiber glass mold or tool was made over the above pattern.

The fiber glass mold was taken to a composite company for manufacture.

The back and sides were made as one piece. The top of the head stock and body 

were made of flat sheet carbon and were glued on. The fret board was glued directly to the edge of the neck.    More on this at a later time (it's not finished!).