Recording System

Takamine 12-string

Godin Multiac Nylon

The Stagepas has spx digital reverb, powered mixer, 4 mic preamps, fantom power, and quick setup.




My Gear

The Guitars

Pro Tools

Alvarez 6-string

The box is a harmonizer. Sing one part in and three part harmony comes out. It's vocal harmonies are programmed off the input of the guitar.

This pedal is a synth and a sample playback device and a guitar simulation device all in one. Several sounds can be played at once. Guitar and 2 or 3 other sounds can be all utilized in many ways during a song. It has a jump drive usb that can play back tons of backing tracks. Its 13 pin jack allows midi and guitar signals to be transmitted from the Alvarez, the Takamine and the Godin.

This box is a amp emulator, effects emulator, speaker emulator and also is an input device for my computer running Pro Tools. It also has digital stomp boxes and signal routing internally.

Ibanez JEM​